As a thoughtful hemp industry leader and sustainable CBDA formulator, Kriva is dedicated to providing education for our consumers, supply chain, and industry. As such, we continuously create and provide ongoing research in the form of infographics, white papers, webinars, video lectures, conference panels and attendance, and media interviews.
infographic_cannabinoid_extraction.pngCannabinoid Extraction Methods
An infographic comparing bioavailability levels of CBDA with comparable doses of CBDCBDa vs. CBD: Bioavailability
An infographic describing how phytocannabinoids can help athletes perform betterAthlete Wellness & Phytocannabinoids
An infographic comparing various types of hemp productsTypes of CBD Ingredients
A chart comparing the common methods of extracting phytocannabinoidsPhytocannabinoid Extraction Comparison


Explore our infographics here to learn more about the phytocannabinoids and other natural compounds that go into Kriva products. 

Peer-Reviewed Research

At Kriva, we push the boundaries of science to help you push the boundaries of your sport. We collect the latest research in the areas of fitness, wellness, and cannabis science below. 

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Did you Know?

  • CBDA stands for cannabidiolic acid. It's considered a "precursor chemical" to its more widely-known cousin, CBD.
  • When heated, CBDA undergoes a “decarboxylation” process, which converts it into CBD and deactivates many of its therapeutic effects.
  • Kriva CBDA products are both vegan and cruelty-free! They’re good for you as well as the environment!

  • Some experts suggest that cannabis may have been one of the first crops to be cultivated by humans!
  • There are an estimated 113 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.
  • Cannabis is the only known organism with the ability to produce CBDa.

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