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What is the Athletic Wellness advisory board (KAWAB) ?

The primary function of Kriva's Advisory Board is to improve penetration of the Kriva brand within the athletic and wellness markets by providing informed opinions regarding opportunities and concerns relating to best serving said markets.

What is the Athletic Wellness advisory board (KAWAB) ?

Published on: 01/05/2023

What is the Kriva Athletic Wellness Advisory Board (KAWAB)?

The Kriva Athletic Wellness Advisory Board is a nine-member advisory board representing the disciples of Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Pain Medicine.


What is the objective of the KAWAB?

The objective of the KAWAB is to build a bridge between Kriva’s hemp products and the Sports Medicine field. Board members advise the Kriva Executive team in the development of strategies for the use of hemp product to benefit athletes


Who are the members of the KAWAB?

Leslie Bonci, RD, CSSD, LDN; Sports Nutritionist and consultant to NFL and XFL teams

Derek Lawrance ATC, CES; Athletic trainer for Men’s U.S. Soccer Team

Dr. Steven Levin, M.D., Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist, Johns Hopkins

Kevin Morley, DAT, ATC; Head Athletic Trainer for Nashville Predators (NHL)

Tiffany Morton, ACT, CKTP, Assistant Athletic Trainer for Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)

Greg Smith ATC, Co-Founder of Pivot Physical Therapy, Lead ATC of the NHL

Steve Walz, ATC, Associate Athletic Director at University of South Florida

Barry Weinberg, ATC, Retired Athletic Trainer for MLB


When does the KAWAB meet?

The Team meets quarterly, online, to discuss regulatory updates, new research, application of Kriva products, as well as new product ideas. The team will meet in person at the National Athletic Trainer’s Association annual conference.

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